The word Deacon means servant. The Deacons are there to relieve the Pastor of any duties that they are capable of doing as directed by the Pastor.

Assist the Pastor in administering Baptism. The deacons help provide a spiritual atmosphere of love and courtesy.

Lord's Supper
Assist the Pastor in administering the Lord's Supper. Administer Communion to the Sick & Shut in.

Watch Care
Maintain a close contact with all of the members of the Congregation. This ministry aids the Pastor in keeping up with the cares and concerns of the congregation. Each Deacon has been given a list of members to call periodically and to pay a visit to as the need arises.

Administer the Benevolence Fund which provides food, shelter, clothing, and utilities assistance to those in need according to pre-established guidelines.

Meeting Time
The first Saturday of every month at