The purpose of this committee is to bring quiet beauty to our surroundings to enhance our worship service. We believe that when we enter the sanctuary, we should feel a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to prepare our hearts and minds to be partakers of the worship experience. The Beautification Committee is responsible for bringing beauty to the inside as well as the outside of the church.

 Caring Hands

The Caring Hands Ministry prepares and serves meals or refreshments for special occasions and seeks to promote a warm family environment for the congregation. They prepare and serve meals to bereaved families of deceased members. They coordinate other church ministries plans to serve refreshments after special events. They maintain the church's food pantry for the needy. They prepare and deliver food baskets to the elderly shut-in members of the church at Thanksgiving and Christmas.They maintain a friendly and clean environment for all food services at Zion.


Zion's Courtesy Ministry is a group of Christian brothers and sisters who greet worshipers as they enter the Church with kind and welcoming words. They register and officially welcome all visitors to Zion during the service and at all church programs. They act as Zion's official hosts and hostess at all church special events.

Security Ministry

Zion's Security Ministry was organized in 2005. The members are Christian men and youth members of Zion who have volunteered to assist with providing a safe environment for Zion's members inside and outside of the church. They are courteous and respectful greeters opening doors and escorting our members to and from their cars as needed.
Their outreach ministry takes them out into the community visiting local schools to talk to the youth.
Meeting Time: The second Saturday of each month at 10:00 A.M.

Senior Laymen

The purpose of the Senior Laymen Ministry is to encourage the men of Zion to fellowship and work together to win souls for Christ. They also have a responsibility to help the needy and visit the sick. The Laymen of Zion are active in the Saginaw Valley District Association and the Wolverine State Baptist Convention. They also attend a special Laymen's conference each year.
They work with the Junior Laymen of the church. They provide bible teaching and fellowship with them through activities within and outside of the church. The Junior Laymen participate in a basketball league sponsored by the local churches. They are also involved in local outreach projects in the community.
Please come and join us.
Meeting Time
Every Monday 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Senior Nurses

The Nurses are a group of Christian Women who endeavor to ensure every member and visitor a meaningful worship experience.They care for babies and small children in the church nursery during service. They assist and comfort bereaved families during funerals.

Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry is designed to serve God's people by graciously greeting, directing and assisting them in a friendly and hospitable manner as they enter the sanctuary for worship. They distribute the church bulletins and collect the offering during worship service. The Usher is the doorkeeper of God's house.

Women's Prayer & Praise

Zion's Women's Prayer and Praise Ministry was started by Jessie Cooper, Joyce Crowe, and Janie Martin who felt a need for women to meet together for spiritual nourishment and growth in the faith.
  • We believe in the power of prayer.
  • Through testimony and Christian fellowship, we gain the strength to meet the challenges of life
  • We offer spiritual guidance, emotional support, and positive encouragement to those in need.
Prayer changes things and those who believe in its power are welcome to join us for a spiritually filled time.
Meeting Time: Second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 A.M.