Christian Education

The Christian Education Advisory Ministry provides the congregation opportunities of personal, spiritual and denominational development from a learning perspective. This ministry should equip the body of Christ with exploring teachings, traditions, and truth as it relates to Baptist doctrine and the Written Word (and other doctrine when relative). It is a ministry that enhances the unity of the body, the vision of the pastor and the needs of the congregation. This is an extension of the educational arm of the pastor's office. They facilitate, create and implement the goals, and assist in assessing the needs of Christian Education.

Educational arm:
  • Sunday School
  • Bible Study
  • Seminars/Retreats
  • New Member Orientation

Diabetes Support

The Diabetes Support Ministry was founded to provide information and support to members who have diabetes or have the tendency toward this disease. They teach participants the types of food to consume and the importance of exercise and diet. They provide resources to help each participant to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly they provide an opportunity for participants to interact with each other and discuss mutual concerns.
The Diabetes Support Ministry meets the first Monday of each month in the Austin Fellowship Hall.

Sunday School

  • The purpose of Zion's Sunday School Ministry is to serve as an arm of the church's Christian Education for all ages.
  • The Sunday School Ministry prepares its students for a higher level of biblical knowledge through planning,  organizing and presenting the Word of God from lessons designed to meet the spiritual needs of the students.
  • Its goal is to equip the Saints to do the work of the Kingdom.
Sunday School Classes are held on the lower level beginning at
10:00 A.M. each Sunday Morning
Kindergarten Class
Ages 2-5 
Primary Class
Ages 6-8 
Junior Class
Ages 9-11 
Intermediate Class
Ages 12-14 
Senior Class
Ages 15-18 
New Life Ministry Class
Young Adults 
Adult Classes

New Membership Class
Everyone is welcome to come and join one of our classes.

Scholarship Ministry

It is the mission of the Scholarship Ministry to encourage and motivate Zion's graduating high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate members to keep their focus centered on God's will and to provide financial assistance for an education beyond high school.
Meeting dates are as needed for planning and decisions but no more than four (4) per year usually in May, June, September, or October.

Skipworth-Murphy Circle

The Skipworth/Murphy Circle Ministry meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 P.M in the mini chapel.  This ministry was named in memory of two women of Zion who truly exemplified Christian stewardship.  The official name of this ministry is The Skipworth/Murphy Circle Ministry of the Woman's Missionary Society of Zion Baptist Church of Saginaw, Michigan.  Women of all ages are very welcome to attend.
Mission Statement:  The members of Skipworth/Murphy Circle Ministry are saved and sanctified unto Christ for discipleship.  As a Woman's Missionary Mission we reach out through love, service and witnessing.

This ministry seeks in all its activities to advance the causes for which the church stands:  to visit the sick and shut in, to help the needy, to console the sorrowing and lonely, to welcome visitors, to promote personal and corporate growth, to promote unified and organized personal service(s) for the needy of the community, to promote regular and systematic contributions/attendance to local, state and national organizations, to enhance our christian walk and to use helpful ways to make church life profitable and joyous.


Purpose of VBS Ministry: To support the mission and objectives of the church through praise and activities which set forth the opportunity to:
  • Teach, study, understand, and foster in our daily living the empowerment of the Holy Spirit through the teaching of the Holy Scripture while providing other positive related activities which promote Christian growth and fellowship.
  • Strengthen our Christian Faith and demeanor as exemplified through our unconditional love in service, in conversation with others and in our actions and deeds.
  • Win souls to Christ by providing an outreach ministry of Christian devotion, study, fellowship and service designed to reach those in our church family and others throughout our community.
Spiritual Leader and Advisor.........Pastor Rodrick A. Smith
 Ministry Deacon...........Deacon Oscar Young
VBS Director.......................
The following committees and work groups contribute to the success of Zion's Vacation Bible School every year.
Classroom Teachers
Classroom Support Staff
Daily Devotional Fellowship
Supervision/Proper Behavior/Decorum of Children
Bible Drills
Story Tellers
Bus Ministry
Food/Caring Hands
Arts and Crafts
Personal Interest/Self Improvement/Enrichment Activities
Daily Closure Activities
Last Day/End of Bible School Activities
If you are interested in being a part of our Vacation Bible School working committees, please see the current director or leave your name with the church secretary.